Broad support for SAFC in the Salut! Sunderland transfer window poll

NB: Polling has now closed but you can still view the results


With more than 400 votes cast,
it is nearly time to close the Salut! Sunderland poll in which readers have been invited to offer their out-of-10 assessments of the club’s dealings in the transfer window.

The poll will run for one more day and end t0morrow morning and, the pattern of voting having been established quite early, the results are perhaps unlikely to change a great deal – and the club can be fairly pleased with the outcome.

As things stand, they run like this

10/10: 1.48 per cent (six votes)

9/10: 1.48 per cent (six)

8/10: 15.8 per cent (64)

7/10: 36.54 per cent (148)

6/10: 23.46 per cent (95)

5/10: 9.14 per cent (37)

4/10: 3.46 per cent (14)

3/10: 2.22 per cent (nine)

2/10: 1.48 per cent (six)

1/10: 2.72 per cent (11)

0/10: 1.73 per cent (seven)

There were two “other votes”, “other” because in each case the reader put his or her score at between seven and eight.

So overall, just over half 212 of our 406 voters (at time of writing) – nearly 53 per cent – went for seven or eight, which is overwhelmingly positive even if one of the “others” specified the “terrible” defence as a reason for not marking the window higher. If I am right about the sixes covering a range of opinions from “slightly disappointed to fairly satisfied”, we have a clear majority – more than 78 per cent – who feel Advocaat, Congerton and Short broadly did all right or better.

Jake: 'so we didn't get Messi after all?'
Jake: ‘so we didn’t get Messi after all?’

The level of approval would have been higher had the club done more to bolster the shaky defence and probably also if a few of those we consider unsuited to the Premier League had been moved on.

Thanks to all who posted their ratings – and by all means add your own votes if you haven’t yet got round to it. The results will be visible for a few days.

From a reasonably healthy response, the poll has produced an upbeat appraisal of the squad with which Advocaat now has to work. If it translates into points, we should avoid a repeat of the desperate struggle of recent seasons. If, of course, is a very big word when it comes to Sunderland.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
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