SAFC vs Newcastle United 2015/16: (1) let the buildup begin

Jake: 'aren't we just two cheeks of the same backside?'
Jake: ‘aren’t we just two cheeks of the same backside?’

Bob Chapman’s report
from West Brom has not arrived yet but it seems important to get our Wear-Tyne derby coverage started as soon as possible.

We’ve been promised at least one “Who are You?” interview and, since it’s only Monday, there’s no need – yet – to panic.

And before they arrive, as surely they will, we have an update from Nick Donaldson, Newcastle-supporting winner of last season’s top prize in the HAWAY awards for best “Who are You?” of the lot. That will accompany a repeat of last season’s winning interview and will appear here very soon.

Guess the Score will, as last season, offer the framed picture version of the dressing room mug we – or to be more accurate – our sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts, usually put up as the prize. And it will be available in appropriately differing form to Mags if one of them wins.

No entries here, though; they won’t count. Guess the Score will be published tomorrow and only there will your scoreline predictions be eligible for prize purposes.

PantilimonTop ex-refs say Pantilimon WAS fouled and the WBA winner should have been disallowed ..

The approach to this crucial game – yes, I know all games are crucial in our plight – is not great for us and suddenly became good for Newcastle with that 6-2 thumping of Norwich. We lost 3-1 at home to the Canaries and it doesn’t matter that they were on top when 3-2 down. in the end they were hammered by the team we face on Sunday.

At the Shields Gazette, Niall Quinn says of Sunderland v Newcastle on Sunday: “Derby games are the sort of place where everything gets thrown out of the window, and it certainly won’t be as place for the faint hearted. But if you were Sunderland, you’d be worried after [the Norwich] result.”

It will be nervous. If we get an early goal, we might build on it as Newcastle collapse. But this is Sunderland we support – anything can happen and probably will.

If you have special memories of past derbies, or something you really want to say about this one, let us know.

Otherwise Ha’way not Ho’way the Lads.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
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