The Manchester City ‘Who are you?’: where is he?

Martin Bates and Duncan Watmore prepare for a pre-match discussion of macroeconomics and high finance
Martin Bates* and Duncan Watmore prepare for a pre-match discussion of macroeconomics and high finance

Salut! Sunderland is proud of the long-running ‘Who are You?’ series. We’ve had people from politics, business, the arts, sport, journalism, religion and loads of other walks of life and, often best of all, solid home-and-away supporters of the clubs concerned.

If someone agrees to do it, whatever their status, we are delighted and grateful. If they decline, that’s understood. If they agree and then go AWOL, ignoring all attempts to contact them, the mood darkens. We were chuffed to find a Manchester City supporter who has excelled in a sport other than football. Questions were invited and sent. Then, silence – with no response to gentle reminders in the usual places. So be it; he may have good reasons, despite his continued activity on social media, for being unable to respond even to the extent of saying ‘simply cannot do after all’.

Who knows? A warm, witty or wise City supporter somewhere out there may read this and, at this late stage, take the Unnamed Defector’s place (it happened last season, too, when Martin Haworth – in the North East but a lifelong City man – volunteered some emergency thoughts) …

* This week’s half-edition of Who are You? is dedicated to Martin Bates, a Canadian with impeccable Wearside connections and who flew overnight to the UK and reached Sunderland in time to pick up his tickets for the Citeh and Liverpool games even before gong for a pint …

Salut! Sunderland: Given Arsenal’s stumbles and Leicester’s slim chance of sustaining their impressive form for the rest of the season, Man City look increasingly like champions. Do you agree, or might you falter too?

Salut despite your successes, we hear plenty of rumours about managership. Are you happy with Pellegrini and if not, who do you want to take over? [Citeh have just appointed Pep Guardiola to take over from last season. No problems with his credentials but the club’s decision: squalid or reasonable? You judge – Ed]

Salut: you thumped us before my eyes at the Etihad and have ended that seuqence of 1-0 defeats at our place. Do you see this game as a doddle?

Salut: De Bruyne got the plaudits, of course, but Silva looked immense in that game. What is your assessment of them and your other megastars?

Salut: do any weaknesses remain that are in need of attention?

Salut: how do you reckon today’s elite compare with Colin Bell, Francis Lee. Summerbee and other greats from City’s past?

Salut:and do vou ever miss Maine Road?

Salut: how good does it feel to be lauding it over United?

Salut: have you been surprised by our woeful form in the Premier of did you frankly see it coming?

Salut: What other thoughts do you have on Sunderland – the club, the fans, the city & region, Big Sam?

Jake: 'I'm going for Borini to clinch it in the 93rd minutes, offside but allowed'
Jake: ‘I’m going for Borini to clinch it in the 93rd minutes, offside but allowed’
Guess the Score in Sunderland v Man City: just for fun though

Salut: is there anyone in our squad could even hope for a place on your bench or is that a daft question?

Salut: your own highs and lows as a City supporter?

Salut:: this season’s top four and bottom three?

Salut: not tempting fate re tonight [ie before they beat Everton to reavcj the final – Ed] but which cup(s) do you see City winning?

Salut: and how does watching your team win major titles compare with your own successes in sport?

<Salut: best ref, worst ref in the Premier?

Salut: diving – not the sort people do in water but cheating at football. Has it gone too far to be worth bothering about any more or do we still need to stamp it out along with feigning injury, waving imaginary cards and all the other forms of cheatin and unsportsmanlike behaviour?

Salut:: will you be at our game and, if not already mentioned, what will be the score?

Salut: and finally: a paragraph or two about yourself, your swimming career, other activities, whether you were any good as a footballer, your history of supporting city and any project you’d like us to plug

Our half of the interview: Colin Randall

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