Hutch’s Patch. Ratings from Spurs don’t add up to much

Rob Hutchison: on his way home
Rob Hutchison

Rob Hutchison enclosed a short comment on today’s game:

“Hellish effort. Like watching MoN stuff towards his end. Possession stats of our PL games this season leave the alarm bells clanging madly.  Spurs(a) 26%, Eve(h) 33%, Sot(a) 36%, Boro(h) 47%, Mcfc(a) 23%.”

And followed this with poor marks for most in his one-word ratings

Hutch's Patch(featured image)



Pickford 8 Immense

Denayer 5 Rinsed

Kone 6 Strong

Papy D 3 Wretched

Manquillo 6 Worked

Catts 4 Leggy

Kirchoff 4 Struggled

Ndong 6 Cared

Pienaar 5 Patchy

Januzaj 5 Poor

Defoe 5 Frustrated

Watmore 5 Scampered

Khazri 4 Hapless

McNair  brief


Moyes 4 Worrying

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