Moyes on the Boys post-Chelsea: ‘be braver on the ball, Lads’

Moyes On The Boys

In reality David Moyes, unlike his predecessors, does not start his post-match e-mails with a salutation. ‘Dear Colin’ is therefore a made-up device on the part of Monsieur Salut. What was there to say about the 1-0 defeat to Chelsea – a logical outcome of bottom versus top, boys against men, honest endeavour overwhelmed by sheer quality? Moyes tells us how he saw it …

Dear Colin,

I didn’t think we played well in the first half but in the main part I thought we were resilient.

I was really disappointed with the goal we conceded; if we’d had better possession that wouldn’t have happened, we missed two or three tackles.

Chelsea have really good quality and up until then we had restricted them to only one or two clear cut opportunities.

We had done a good job in stopping them and as the game went on we grew into it. Their goalkeeper made two brilliant saves to stop us getting anything back.

I was happy enough with what we did in the second half, but definitely not the first. We need to be braver on the ball.

We were always going to be up against it playing Chelsea, but we were resilient and the players stuck at their task.

I had a feeling and I hoped that something might have fallen for us in the last few minutes, but unfortunately it didn’t.

We need to start taking points from these sorts of games, we can’t just keep losing. We need to get points on the board.


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