Moyes on the Boys v Burnley. ‘We kept going’ (and sold out the away end yet again*)


John McCormick writes:

As David Moyes writes his final post-match letter of 2016 to Colin we’re left wondering what 2017 will bring. Some decent players? A bit of spirit? A change in our luck?

As if!

Ah, well, it’s what supporting Sunderland’s all about.

Happy New Year, and let’s not forget we’ve been here before. In fact, we’ve been here with fewer points and a worse position. All is not lost

Dear Colin,

“It was a really poor performance; I’ve got no excuses for it. It was way below the levels we should be performing at.

The goals we conceded were terrible and we didn’t make the most of any of the chances we created.

We started well but that fell by the way side, it was a typical old fashioned game, and we just weren’t able to be typical and old fashioned at times.

we have to keep going

The boys kept going when it was tough at the end and the game had gone from us. It was too late by then because in that 15-minute period after half time we were poor and it’s cost us.

We have to get ready for Liverpool now, no time to dwell. We have to dust ourselves down and go again.

We’re going to have to do really well to get anything from the game on Monday and we need to go out and try and do that.

*Our manager didn’t say that; I just think it’s necessary to remind him that we never stop going and we aren’t paid £50,000 per week.

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