SAFC vs Burton Albion Who are You?: ‘let’s jump together into oblivion’

Dave Child: ‘sorry – we met professionally’

Monsieur Salut writes: the pain of relegation is not eased that much because everyone expected you to go down anyway. But Dave Child*, who combines being a fully-fledged Brewer with a spot of radio commentary (that’s how he met PDC), didn’t think the season would be as bad for Burton — or us for that matter – after their escape a year ago. I took the easy option for this edition of ‘Who are You?’, not because there are so few Burton fans to choose from but because Dave did a good job first time round and is a home-and-away regular who’ll be at our last-but-one home game this Saturday.

Dave is also a food critic, reviewing pies at the grounds he visits. Let’s see what he makes of the SoL fare …

Salut! Sunderland: looks like we’re down together. Tell us about your season …

Dave Child: whether this is THE relegation party or the game that decides who finishes bottom, a win is everything for both teams with perhaps just a glimmer of hope still remaining at that stage.

For Burton no great surprise that we are down there with the dead men, just missed relegation last season, so we were quickly back for more, but really shocked Sunderland did not improve as the season went on, but alas let’s hold hands and jump into the oblivion of League One together.

And how surprised if at all were you to see us down there the whole off the season and almost certainly, as I write, going down with you? Will either of us bounce straight back? What does the future hold for our two clubs?

Because bookies know everything, Sunderland will probably start favourites for promotion from League 1, and Burton will certainly be in the mix. Roman Abramovich will bin off Chelsea and buy Sunderland….. and Burton, well, we will just have a new kit….and off we go again. Ha Ha Ha

Who, come what may, has done Burton proud this season?

Not our finest season; in fact our worst for years. The fans have been incredible especially with our terrible home form – but Sunderland fans would know all about home form! Player wise Lloyd Dyer has been amazing, he’s nearly 50 now but still quick, fit, and a bloody legend.

What did you make of our team and our fans at your place (a rare win for us)?

Great support by the Sunderland fans at the Pirelli, not a great game, in fairness not one of the better Sunderland teams but a great day for the Black Cats, a win……. and we woz robbed AGAIN.

Did they enjoy your beer?

The Sunderland fans certainly enjoyed the beer. We might be average at football in Burton, but we can brew a decent pint, in fairness there are few attractions in the town but a trip to the beach is very appealing…. or did I mean the Beech!! You know what I mean

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Tell us again your highs and lows of following Burton

Looks like the all-time low is about to happen: relegation. No Brewers fans can ever remember Albion being relegated, even a dinosaur like me…. 50 years following. The highs, winning promotion to the football league and any victory over Derby!

And the best and worst players you’ve seen in your colours

Daryl Clare, Lloyd Dyer, and Darren Stride, and you would have to include Nigel Clough as well. The worst? Andy Garner and Gary Crosby…….. wonder what happened to them! Shocking.

Your thoughts on visiting the Stadium of Light, where I suspect a few of you expect a winning afternoon?

I have been to the Stadium of Light before, great place. I sold it to the wife as a one-off trip we have to make with Burton – but not the case, probably be back next year as well. Albion are decent away, so got to fancy a win here.

Your pet peeve with football?

Players that cheat the ref – the job’s bad enough with trying to con the official. Who would really want to be a ref? Diving should be a sending off offence, blatant cheating.

The best and worst memories you’ll retain from this season – if not already covered in the first answer?

The best memory of this season will be the win at Sunderland’s Stadium of light, and a great away win over Sheffield Wednesday and of course THE best of the lot beating Dreary Derby 3 – 1 at the Pirelli ….. Get in there ….

You’ll be there. Are you planning a quick there-and-back or a weekend in the North East?

It’s just the game, not the weekend. A quick impression by the fans of the “Angel of the North” with the customary outspread arms – on last inspection the structure could do with a coat of Hammerite. But great, friendly people even if the accent is not quite as posh as your Midlands visitors, but would always prefer to travel North as opposed to South !!

Ah yes, the Score……. Sunderland 0 Burton 1

Jake says: ‘click the Who are You? banner to see the series so far this season’

* Dave Child on himself: As for me, Brewers fan all my life, first watched as an 11-year-old and free prescriptions next birthday so a long time. Many years as a local radio commentator and a featured on a host of Brewers films and videos, frequent host of Q & A nights, and currently on the Touch FM Breakfast show Mondays and Friday as ‘Pieman’, reviewing the pies at away grounds and adding banter about the brewers.

With due acknowledgement to Jack Strangeways, @jackerini at Twitter, here are scenes from the false dawn that was the 2-0 away win at Burton …

And a flashback to the first interview with Dave, before our 2-0 win at Burton:

Were you among the famous 11,000 at Old Trafford in 2006 and if so, what was that experience like?

I was proud to be one of the 11k at Old Trafford in 2006 but in a professional capacity. At that time I was a commentator for local commercial radio, Centre FM. It was an incredible experience to describe my team facing the might Man U, and to have the opportunity to interview the great Sir Alex Ferguson.

The two games against the Red Devils put a then non-league club on a sound financial footing for several years, not that we have ever had any debt. Unfortunately that cannot be said of Sunderland!

Interview: Colin Randall

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