The 2019 HAWAY awards: a vintage season for Salut! Sunderland’s ‘Who are You?’ interviews

Jake: ‘thanks to all who participate’. Click on the image to see all of this season’s interviews

Judging is under way – and you can take part.

Salut! Sunderland couldn’t be happier with the quality of “Who are You?” interviews throughout this season.

We have a list of usual suspects who get involved in deciding which ones were most deserving of recognition in our annual HAWAY awards (Highly Articulated Who are You? interviews).

But Monsieur Salut is conscious of the fact that the series is for the readership, not the chosen judges. Take a look at the series – – and if you feel in the mood, name your top three interviews in order. Your votes will be counted.

Our thanks, not for the first time to the sponsors of our prizes: When Saturday Comes, Art of Football and 3Retro. See their wares by clicking on the banners or images below.

Obviously no opposing fan would want a classic SAFC top or the Jermain Defoe print. But 3Retro and Art of Football cater for most tastes while, of course, When Saturday Comes is the famously half-decent football magazine for all who follow our game.

Watch this space for the winners. There are so many potential candidates, from the first game to the last (pre-playoffs) and the pity is that we cannot reward them all.

And now, step forward our kind sponsors:

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Jermain Defoe’s superstrike vs the Mags. Click on the image to see Art of Football’s range of prints i
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