Last Christmas

Ho ho Ho(a)’way the Lads, says Sixer


Forget the headline instantly, says its author, Monsieur Salut. Whatever you think of the song, it’s a seriously bad film.  Or is it? Is Salut! Sunderland any better as an independent fan site?

All these things are matters of personal taste and judgement.

Doubtless loads of cinema-goers have loved Last Christmas. Some people, I know,  will say Salut! Sunderland has been consistently half-decent, sometimes decent.

We’ve made mistakes, backed wrong horses and been generally lousy at technology, even worse at making the site viable. But those involved with it since the beginnings at the very start of 2007, and those who have come aboard since, have had lots of good times presenting their thoughts and (Jake) illustrations about the football club we all love.

It’s almost time to go. The successor is already out there, the new owner Dean Cruddace having cloned Salut! Sunderland to preserve the massive 13-year archive as he prepares to launch on New Year’s Day. Eve Sayers replaces Monsieur Salut as editor. Both carry our hearty good wishes.

There’ll be more farewells in the few days that remain of Salut!. But for now, let us just wish all readers, contributors and occasional sponsors and advertisers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, preferably with wins replacing draws and defeats for Sunderland AFC.


Colin Randall, aka Monsieur Salut, as once captured by the star cartoonist Matt and enhanced by Jake





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