The First Time Ever I Saw Your Ground: Bristol City and Ashton Gate

Ashton Gate in the era when Everton ruled

John McCormick writes: I hitched to quite a few games – including some at Roker Park – and I do remember going down the M5 in a Reliant Robin when it (the M5, not the car) was a two-lane motorway. I still believe its  front wheel (the car’s, not the M5’s) left the ground when we went above 60.

However, for this game (for when else could I have seen Joe Baker at Bristol?) I went on a John Tennick bus. An overnight journey, a killer result, an evening of pubs and an overnight journey back. To think that we took such things in our stride. Now I’m looking askance at the 40-mile trip to Bolton in a week or so.

As, probably, is Pete Sixsmith:

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The first time ever I saw your team: Bristol City

Sleek Sixer ..

John McCormick writes: Like Pete Sixsmith, I can’t remember a lot of matches against Bristol City (or Rovers for that matter). I’m pretty sure I was at the 6-1 win in ’64 but the only game which sticks in my mind is there because of an overnight trip on a Tennick bus and  a team sheet that included Joe Baker. I remembered it as a cup match but when I looked it up on the Statcat website  it wasn’t. It  can only have been the season-opening 4-3 loss that Pete mentions below, and nothing to do with the cup, so I saw an opening day 7 goal thriller which included Joe Baker netting two of the 12 goals he scored for us, plus a last minute heartbreaker, and I can’t remember it. I blame the drink.

Back to Pete, and let’s be thankful he has a better memory than me:

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