Countdown to the Emirates: will Saha have Wenger quaking in his boots?

Jake catches MON thinking of strikers

So no Van Persie to face on Saturday. We may still need to hope his departure thoroughly demoralises his old Arsenal teammates. Meanwhile, ESPN launched its new club-by-club blogging corner of the main site today and Salut! Sunderland was asked to contribute. The following – posted at this ESPN link – was written amid all those rumours about Steven Fletcher and before news that Louis Saha was on the point of signing. Bienvenue si c’est vrai, Louis, and now it’s up to you to show, like SuperKev, that scoring does not end as you ease further away from 30 …

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Soapbox: TV brings hard day’s nights for Gooners – and us


One great day out ruined, Arsenal at home turned into a logistical nightmare for away fans, another excuse for avoiding Chelsea – all, says a remarkably understanding Pete Sixsmith, in a day’s work for the TV folk whose job it is to undo the Premier League fixture list …

A colleague, who is also of the Red and White persuasion, performs the valuable task every year of making a copy of the fixtures, laminating them and passing them out to those who are Sunderland fans. Every year, I thank him and I see a pristine fixture list, with games every Saturday – as it used to be and as it should be.

Then along come the TV fixtures……………

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