Rotherham: where better to celebrate Sunderland’s promotion?

Get the vocal chords in order for another mighty effort

This time last year,
we were wondering whether a May weekend in Southend would be our promotion party. We know what happened to that fond dream.

How do you all fancy Rotherham as the ideal place to celebrate a return to the Championship?

It’s just a provisional list, liable to change for international demands, congestion caused by cup ties and TV.

And it starts with a home game against Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven’s lifelong football passion, Oxford United.

We have no idea what kind of line-up will be available to Jack Ross for Aug 3. We do know the team will get a hearty backing with 22,000 season tickets already sold. And it is clear beyond doubt that after the disappointments of the season just ended, a good start will be expected.

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