The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Plymouth Argyle

There are some famous names on display today as Pete Sixsmith takes us on another of his legendary rambles. If I had to choose one of these players it would be Micky Horswill. I loved the way he lurked outside the box  to pick up and ping in loose balls, not to mention his no-nonsense, take no prisoners style of play.

Is he a legend at Plymouth? I don’t know, but I do know he deserves high praise on Wearside.

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SAFC v Middlesbrough ‘Who are You?’: (2) the man in The Far Corner

Great football book - see footnote for link

In the second of our Sunderland v Middlesbrough “Who are You?”s – it happens that way sometimes – we talk to Harry Pearson, Guardian sports columnist and author of books that include the wonderful North-eastern footballing odyssey, The Far Corner. That’s the one to grab if you read nothing else about the game. Harry is also a slightly guilty Boro fan, too guilty about the long gaps between his attendances to muscle in on the limited ticket supply …

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