Making a meal of in north London – and catching Fabio’s eye (2)


In which the Spurs keeper is invited to thank his lucky stars and pipe down …

There’s an awful lot of piffle from Brazil, and Heurelho Gomes is now beginning to get a bit irritating. quotes him as “blasting” Darren Bent with these words: “I didn’t think I would get sent off because I didn’t think it was a penalty. When I saw the ball was going out I pulled my arm back.

“It’s a difficult situation but it is his (Bent’s) job. The referee needs to know these things, that when a striker comes to the 18-yard box they try to dive for a penalty. They have to know.”

They also have to know, Mr Gomes, that goalkeepers are not always above a bit of foul play themselves.

If you haven’t seen it already, read what we’ve had to say about it today at this link.

Many Sunderland fans accept that we were very lucky to be awarded a penalty for the second-half incident (as well as being unlucky enough to have Darren in rare wasteful mood as he took the kick).

Perhaps Mr Gomes should accept that he was extremely fortunate to get away with the first half challenge on the same player.

My guess remains that Craig Gordon would have been dismissed in identical circumstances in either instance (wrongly, in my view, since the first warranted a yellow and the second as I have conceded, shouldn’t have been given). But as one Spurs-supporting pal has already put it: “Ah, you’re sounding like me when we lose.”

Colin Randall

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Soapbox: no luck at the Lane (for Sunderland)


Fair’s fair. With the hindsight not available to most fans – or any referees – when controversial incidents actually occur, Salut! Sunderland accepts that Kevin Friend got the penalty about right. A slightly reckless challenge, but not one that merited a red card. Some SAFC fans go further and echo Spurs supporters (not all) by calling it a dive, even if they also feel it was a penalty “about to happen”. Friends again, Kevin? More on all this later but first Pete Sixsmith delivers his own considered post-match verdict …

A six hour coach journey after a scarcely deserved defeat does an awful lot to concentrate the mind. Somewhere in the middle of the old Great North Road, probably between Newark and Retford, I suffered a terrible attack of fairness, not something usually associated with disappointed Sunderland fans.

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You’ve got a Friend, Mr Gomes

It is unlikely that the excellent Carole King had a refereeing performance decades into the future in mind when she wrote the song. But Colin Randall wonders whether Heurelho Gomes enjoyed a huge slice of luck today, courtesy of the man in black, Kevin Friend, as Sunderland slumped to a barely deserved defeat …

IN the objective, sportsmanlike opinion of those in the south stand corner of White Hart Lane, it was clear that the turning point of today’s game came immediately after Heurelho Gomes charged out of goal to challenge Darren Bent, who was clean through.

He’d got away with it in the first half but Kevin Friend had no choice this time but to award a penalty. And a red card surely? No, Mr Friend deemed a yellow to be sufficient and a man who arguably should not even have been in a position to watch the kick being taken made a good save. Followed by two or three other crucial saves as Sunderland pressed for an equaliser to the first half goal.

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