Sixer’s Soapbox on the drubbing of Cardiff: keep calm and carry on

Jake: 'one massive step towards survival ...'
Jake: ‘one massive step towards survival …’

Not often this season has Pete Sixsmith had so much cause to smile, let alone contemplate drinking perfumed tea from a Meissen cup. Cardiff at home was such an occasion, if without the porcelain. No better time could have been chosen for a thumping, morale-boosting, point-winning display. With nearly 46,000 in the ground, Monsieur Salut wonder how many more Sunderland fans near and far were watching it live, or live-minus-a-few-seconds via internet streams or listening to Nick Barnes and Gary Bennett’s Radio Newcastle commentary via the SAFC website (usually a good way of following the match, maddeningly stop-start on my Mac in the first half). But it’s fair to say the warm glow of relief and h*** will have been felt around the world …

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