Defeat at Manchester United: ‘not the whitewash I feared’

As he tends to do after every game, Ian Porter from the Blackcats list has come up with an astute summary of the positives and negatives of yesterday’s 1-0 defeat …

Tomorrow: Pete Sixsmith’s Old Trafford verdict …

Well, this wasn’t the total whitewash I was anticipating.

It was what I’d hoped for though, which was to give a good account of ourselves. I don’t think we were playing ManUre at their best, but that shouldn’t detract from what was a very good team performance.

We were on the defensive for long periods, but we closed down well and Westwood wasn’t troubled that often. Equally though, we created a couple of chances ourselves to score.

Westwood pulled off the nearest I’ve seen since Monty’s save in ’73. I was really pleased by Westwood’s performance. I think the writing’s on the wall for Craig Gordon, but I think if he isn’t offered a new deal in January, he can leave on a free ? TBH, I think whatever he’s offered, he’ll turn it down and leave anyway, so we’ll lose out on a couple of million I guess.

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Bolton 0 SAFC 2: not getting carried away, but hailing Wickham

Ian Porter offered this instant analysis at the Blackcats list soon after the final whistle at the Reebok – an impressive blend of realism and approval …

We totally dominated the second half, but didn’t really make out possession and domination hurt too much.

Mignolet kept us in the game with a good save, but wasn’t really bothered much apart from that.

Defensively, I thought all the back four looked solid. Richardson’s had his critics, myself included, but he played well today.

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A West Brom postscript: ‘Dear Steve … reach for the Sky’

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Sunderland showed character to turn a shocking start into a game we might have gone on to win. But it was against WBA at home and, and with respect to a likeable club, that is not quite like Arsenal and Man Utd away, two of our next three games on the road. Relief at yesterday’s equaliser hardly banished discontent. Ian Porter shared this response to Steve Bruce’s post-match message (see Bruce’s Banter) with fellow subscribers to the Blackcats list …

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your post-match e-mail.

It was good to see The Lads suck with it and dug deep instead of huffing and puffing again.

It amuses me watching your team nowadays, as it reminds me so much of watching many other games at the Stadium of Light and I regularly draw similarities between players of yesteryear and today.

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Steve Bruce on being devoured by Wolves: and a sharp riposte

“If the season had gone on a couple of games more . ..” said a sports editor of my acquaintance. We can all fill in the rest. Otherwise, words fail me just now. I didn’t expect to ease to victory but nor did I think we’d put in a second half display worthy of the humbling nature of yet another dire home defeat. Let Steve Bruce do the explaining, and then let one the recipients of these messages respond …I’m going out for the day

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Manchester United 2 SAFC 0: outplayed, outclassed, no disgrace

Listening to Nick Barnes and Gary Bennett seemed a poor reason for posting a match report ahead of tomorrow’s thoughts from Pete Sixsmith. But Ian Porter has come up with some incisive points (at the Blackcats list) and is always happy to share them here …

This really was Men against Boys, for the first 30 minutes at least.

When you see a young lad like Jordan Cook (pictured, from his Facebook page) come on against one of the best teams in the world after playing twice a month or whatever the stiffs play these days and look like a useful player, you have to ask the question: just what is it that an established International actually needs to get accustomed to in the PL?

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Another voice: on coping with Newcastle

After each game, Ian Porter offers fellow Sunderland fans his analysis at the Blackcats e-mail loop. Agree or disagree – some would say he’s spot-on about Mensah, utterly wrong about SuperKev – his views are sharp and well argued. Luckily, Ian has given Salut! Sunderland permission to reproduce them here from time to time …

There’s already been some debate on Turner v Mensah v winning team etc. These are the decisions that managers have to take & getting them right is what separates the top managers from the rest.

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