Sixer’s Scunthorpe Sevens. Sunderland ironed flat

Pete Sixsmith sent a bonfire night seven word text concerning the probability that we wouldn’t be making a trip to Wembley in the EFL Trophy.  Tonight’s match provided an opportunity to keep the flame alive. Pete was watching  Spennymoor beat Boston  so I coined a seven-word text of my own not long after  Luke O’Nien crowned  a pathetic display which ended an apathetic group stage.

Then, at the final whistle Pete popped up with his own seven words. You can see his and my thoughts below:

(We still can’t post comments on this site. If you wish to make an after- match, or any, comment of your own you can always have your say at Salut! Sunderland’s Facebook group. Click on any of the preceding four words. If you are told that you need to join the group, you can do so easily. Approval is very quick.)

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Sixer’s Sevens v Leicester U21: no fireworks, just lots of damp squibs

John McCormick writes:

Readers still cannot post comments. We are continuing to work on it but everything I have tried and suggested to date has failed.

Some might say that’s pretty much the story at the Stadium of Light, although we did manage a clean sheet in the League last weekend. Malcolm and Pete bore witness to it and Pete provided the match report which graced our pages on Sunday. Does this mean Malcolm will be doing the honours tomorrow? I suspect it does but for now we continue with Mr Sixsmith and his seven word texts, the one in the title sent at half time, when we were winning, and two more sent immediately on the final whistle.

(If you wish to make a post match – or any – comment of your own you can always have your say at Salut! Sunderland’s Facebook group. Click on any of the preceding four words. If you are told that you need to join the group, you can do so easily. Approval is very quick.)

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Sixer’s Grimsby Town Soapbox: never too early to start up the buses for Wembley

Malcolm Dawson writes….I was busy last night with what laughingly passes for the only work I do since retirement. Laughingly, because for 12 or so weeks of the year I get paid for what I might well be doing for nothing during the other 40. However, because I am getting paid and on a kind of contract, that has to take priority, so not only was I unable to attend last night’s fixture, I found it difficult to even follow the game on the interweb. When first I looked it was 0-0 with 42 minutes on the clock. Next glimpse showed us to be losing 1-0, then it was 2-2 and by the time I knew that we hadn’t needed to look for a bonus point via a penalty shoot out, Sixer’s Sevens was already posted and I expect that Pete himself had got past Houghton Cut.

I should make the next home tie, but Pete Sixsmith was there last night on another day of upheaval at the Stadium and Academy of Light. Let’s find out what he made of yesterday’s events.

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Sixer’s Sevens: blushes avoided as Watmore, McNulty and Grigg edge SAFC past Grimsby Town

Was it inevitable that despite sacking Jack Ross, Sunderland still contrived to go behind to opposition they should be walloping? What happened to No Manager Bounce?

Well, it bounced. The same resilience we showed on better days under Ross surfaced and goals from Watmore – welcome back – and McNulty put us ahead. There wasn’t even time to think of a late flurry of SAFC goals as Grimsby drew level immediately courtesy of Pete Sixsmith’s regular companion. ‘appalling defending’. We were spared penalties – and blushes – by a good Sunderland move, Hume’s cross headed home by Will Grigg. A first step back to Wembley of the EFL Trophy (aka Leasing,com)?

What you see below is Sixer’s instant seven-word verdict. One of 6,952 souls present at the SoL, he’ll be back with more …

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Sunderland vs Grimsby Town. After Lincoln debacle, will Tuesday’s child be full of woe?

Jake: ‘Time for some semblance of redemption’

Trust it to be on an especially dismal weekend for Sunderland supporters for this site to work just as it should: loads of readers, strong comments from our fans, appreciation from opposing supporters and, so far as Monsieur Salut can tell, no sign of the Turkish hackers.

It will hardly cheer up Pete Sixsmith to know “Clanford”, at this Lincoln City fan forum ensured a lot Imps fans would read his brilliant if depressing account (see it here if you missed it). Another City fan, Brendan Bradley, added this comment: “If there’s one sentence that applies to 100 per cent of football supporters though it’s this one: ‘as often happens, the game spoilt a pleasant day’.”

Another game looms before the international break and you will see if you read on that your thoughts are invited on how it will go. It is only the EFL Trophy, uninvitingly entitled Trophy for sponsorship reasons, but remember that as the equally mundane Checkatrade Trophy last season, it did get us one of those losing outings to Wembley we seem to specialise in.

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