The people have spoken: Hull, Burnley and Bournemouth to leave the union

John McCormick:
John McCormick. Impartial, as always

Would you believe that some people, somewhere, think Man Utd  will be relegated? And that others say the axe will fall on Spurs, Chelsea, or Man City. Some even say Arsenal will go down.

That’s democracy for you, so please, please, no histrionics, vitriol or gratuitous insults. There have been enough of them these past few weeks and it’s time for civilised behaviour between gentlefolk, like we always get when discussing football.

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Not quite Real Madrid, not quite Barcelona. But better than Swansea and Stoke

John McCormick:
John McCormick. we’ve come a long way, some way yet to go.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a timely review of Deloitte’s “Money League”, which usually comes out in January or February (it was January this year).

But when there’s a battle to be fought there’s not much room, time or inclination to give some thought to a little piece of meaningless self-publicity, which is what the Deloitte Money League is, entertaining though it may be.

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Relegation poll: Middlesbrough, Hull or Sunderland? Arsenal and Manchester Utd? Vote now

John McCormick:
John McCormick. reading the past, looking to the future

I’m getting a bit tired of the title (and Monsieur Salut should apologise to any reader lured here by thoughts it was a poll on religion; the word inexplicably replaced relegation in the headline when published and still appeared some time later at the site) .

But just because we have some decent players, led by one of the Premier League’s most experienced managers and backed by a tremendous crowd, we can’t assume we’re safe.

Our record is not good. We’ve been one of the survivors for too many seasons and we can’t take anything for granted. Even now there will be some fans somewhere rubbing their hands as they look at the fixtures and thinking ‘Sunderland, that’s an easy three points’.

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SA’s Essay: Really pleased for everybody, and the fans deserve it


Jake's take on Big Sam
Jake’s take on Big Sam


John McCormick writes: I could get used to this. Sitting at home with the bairn laughing, me laughing, and looking forward to match of the day. It’s aal reet,  it’s better than aal reet.

I might even have a beer or two between now and then. First, though, I’m intercepting Colin’s post to bring you the letter that Sam has written to him, and perhaps to one or two others

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Sixer’s Sevens: One hard-fought win. Three well-earned points v Man Utd


John McCormick writes: Ed posted that his lift to the game had been delayed because of the snow. I hope he got there in time for the start.

Sam’s transfer dealings appear to be paying off  and we might, just might, be in with a chance.

What does Pete Sixsmith think? We’ll have to wait for his more considered opinion but now, while we’re still exulting over our first home win against Man Utd since Micky Gray,  here’s his instant seven-word verdict:

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Sunderland’s Desert Island Discs – Wrinkly Pete’s playlist

Peter Lynn: a musical theme for every moment
Peter Lynn: a musical theme for every moment

John McCormick asks: Do you remember, at least three managers back, so it must be years and years (or perhaps 18 months) ago, when I did an end of season piece about the songs that made the season. Now Peter Lynn, aka Wrinkly Pete, has picked up the theme with his own version of Desert Island discs. In keeping with the programme he has picked eight songs that  have special meaning for him, and maybe for other supporters.

Were you there? Did you sing? Or do you have other songs that bring back memories? In his e-mail to the boss Pete suggested others might give us their favourites. Why not give it a go?

Now, over to Pete:

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Are we in the mix for the Money Football League?

For the last couple of years I’ve reported on our progress towards the Deloitte Money Football League. I had just about started an update in February when other things took priority – we had a double to celebrate, then a cup final, and then we started digging what we thought was a grave, only it turned out to be a tunnel. I finished my piece around the start of the World Cup, when there was a lot going on and then went off on holiday. Now here we are, in the transfer window with friendlies underway and next season’s fixtures around the corner, and I’m hoping our esteemed editor can find space between Pete’s reports and Borini’s never-ending saga.

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