Third place in the HAWAY Awards: Melissa Rudd, of Norwich and TalkSPORT

Melissa Rudd:
Melissa Rudd on Euro 2012 duty

Melissa Rudd’s interview looked a winner in Salut! Sunderland’s Haway awards – Highly Articulate Who are You? works for us to produce the acronym – when it appeared before her club, Norwich City, came up to Sunderland and deservedly took a point. Her bad luck was threefold: two later entries that our judges collectively found to be even better, plus the Canaries’ relegation. Commiserations, Melissa, and thanks again. Your consolation as the final results are announced is to have your golden words reproduced below – and to collect her choice of prize as now described:

wsc328_cover_DC2.inddMelissa may choose between a year’s subscription to the great football magazine When Saturday Comes or a choice of WSC tops. If she visits, she will get an idea of the options.

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