Sorry, but Ashley makes Newcastle United a laughing stock again

Salut! Sunderland believes there should be banter between Sunderland and Newcastle United fans, and that this is entirely healthy and human but should not descend into barbarian tribalism. When we write about the Mags – and why in heaven’s name should a football site not do so? – it is not surprising that United fans should come here to see what has been said, and perhaps to have a go back. Some responses are witty or intelligent, a few are humourless or neanderthal, and I imagine it would be the same the other way round. Here, our mysterious Birflatt Boy makes some telling points about goings-on up the road …

In the world of football it’s rare if not unprecedented for there to be unanimity and consensus about anything.

It might be the performance of a particular player last weekend or whether a penalty decision should have been given the other way, or something more trivial.

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Mike Ashley’s Newcastle dream team – and the real reason Hughton had to go

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At last it can be revealed: forget the speculation elsewhere.

This is why Mike Ashley decided the best way of rewarding Chris Hughton for all his fine work was to sack him:

He ruled that Hughton was guilty of gross industrial misconduct for being a London-born failure who steadfastly refused to drink Newcy Brown, speak with a North-east accent or refer to Newcastle as “the Geordie Nation” in interviews.

And we can also reveal that the new managerial team, assuming Ashley gets his way, will be “a joint appointment of Alan Shearer, Kevin Keegan, the ghost of Jackie Milburn and Jimmy Nail”.

Or so it says at the football spoof site The Gaffer. Read their take on the mixture of comedy and shameful behaviour at St James’ Park by visiting this link.

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