Oulala: a fantasy football game with a Salut! Sunderland mini-league

She's a winner and doesn't even support Sunderland
She’s a winner and doesn’t even support Sunderland

Monsieur Salut offers thanks to Russell Cane, who is involved in promoting the fantasy football game with the enticing Gallic name of Oulala …

Visit the Oulala home page
at: http://www.oulala.com/

* And register to play at https://www.oulala.com/en/register

* See the Salut! Sunderland mini-league
, created for us by Oulala at https://www.oulala.com/en/circle/salut-sunderland and hook up to that

* See our featured winner Azerty’s story at http://www.oulala.com/en/community/blog/item/words-from-a-winner-14, She supports Borussia Mönchengladbach because she likes unpronounceable names

NB: The deadline for entries to this week’s game is 6.30pm on Friday

I am not sure how many Salut! Sunderland will have the time to devote to this, but it seems a spot of fun – with prizes that sound better than our unwanted coffee mugs – so let Russell explain how it works:

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