One of our own. How good was Jordan Pickford at Arsenal?

Goalkeeping is trade that packs the odd surprise.

When Arsenal beat us 3-1 in the Premier League on December 5, the man of the match was not Ozil or any of Wenger’s other stars but Petr Cech, testament to the importance of his saves in stopping Sunderland gaining a point from the game.

And despite conceding three goals in the FA Cup tie on Saturday, our own Jordan Pickford was the best player on the pitch, ahead of the excellent Hector Bellerin and, though he played only from the 67th minute, the game-changing Aaron Ramsey.

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Luke’s World: a night for SAFC and Chelsea to commemorate a goalie’s death

Tonight we play Chelsea and the players will commemorate the day 75 years ago that a Sunderland goalkeeper took a kick to the face that did not just end his career but cost him his life. Luke Harvey insisted that Salut! Sunderland should mark the anniversary and he was right …

As the transfer window slammed shut with an almighty bang, and you can’t deny it did, p eople up and down the country are analysing the effects of their teams’ transfer dealings. Not to mention the fact that someone is trying to surgically remove the grin from David Craig’s face after he got to spend the entire evening discussing his favourite subject: Newcastle United.

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