Ghana’s design guru: an Asamoah Gyan fashion statement (and goal)

Back to action on Sunday – see our Manchester City preview by clicking here – but here’s a bit of light relief, including an amateur clip of the Gyan goal vs England, while we wait …

Best of all in Asamoah Gyan’s eulogy to the new top – and no, that’s not him wearing it – is the reference to next season, ie there being a next season (with us).

Darren Bent has taught us not to read too much into what players say about their love for the club, their happiness at feeling so appreciated by fans, their contentment in the area they’ve moved to …

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Forget Spearing’s dive for Liverpool: Lyon’s cheat in a different class

James Forrest & Dejan LovrenImage: Ronnie Macdonald (Lovren, right, practises ballet skills in Lyon v Celtic, Emirates Cup)

No complaints about today’s result. Whatever justified grievances we have with the match officials, Liverpool deserved to win and we deserved nowt. And, in the latest from our French Fancies series about football on the other side of the Channel, we identify a much nastier example of the ugly face of football …

In one way Jay Spearing is not a cheat at all. But then nor, in one way, was Gary McAllister. Both were indeed fouled by Sunderland players, so falling over was not an impossible consequence.

Their status as cheats is judged on what happened next. The fouls occurred outside the penalty area and the fouled players proceeded to float though the air (McAllister) or run and plunge (Spearing) to land well inside the box.

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French fancies: feeble Bordeaux, hapless Arles-Avignon

If you have no interest in French football, scroll down to explore the rest of what appears at Salut! Sunderland or wander off for a trip round northern towns at the parent site Salut! or to read about folk and roots music at Salut! Live.

But regulars will know that from time to time, M Salut honours the French side of his family – I may have grown up in County Durham but Mme S comes from Le Mans, where our own Stéphane Sessègnon played for two season – by reporting on Ligue 1.

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NB: Nice 2 Bordeaux 1, Newcastle 0 Blackpool 2

Nice, or Olympique Gymnaste Club Nice Côte d’Azur to give them their splendid full title, are – for the uninitiated – the team Salut! Sunderland looks out for in France. They had as good a weekend as the Tangerine-clad men from the slightly less sunny English seaside ….

Nota bene the two results. Rather a neat bit of alliteration to mark two minor causes for celebration at Salut!’s Nice Corner, our regular look at French football.

There isn’t too much of a French connection in Blackpool’s balloon-pricking win at St James’ Park.

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Make Leicester buzz, Martyn

Pete Sixsmith’s doleful report from the Wear/Tyne derby game is on its way, but first things first. We’ve welcomed Asamoah Gyan. And as we look forward to potentially exciting times, let us now wish our departing Shields lad Martyn Waghorn every success at Leicester – maybe he’ll come back as a record £14m signing after banging in 30 goals for them – …

The Mackem diaspora is split into two camps this morning, one much bigger than the other.

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Asamoah Gyan: a cautious welcome

Transfer deadline day and the excitement mounts. Unless things go horribly wrong – medical, gazumping etc – Asamoah Gyan should be a Sunderland player by tonight. The French daily Ouest-France, having got it wrong yesterday (saying Gyan was staying) now quotes the Rennes manager Frédéric Antonetti as confirming, after today’s training session, his departure in our direction. Let’s hope the goalscoring celebration dance in this clip will be repeated many times in our colours. Are other deals, in or out of the Stadium of Light, in the offing too?…

Of course we could just wait until 6pm, by which time there has to be a decision and therefore, presumably, an announcement.

But it wouldn’t be as much fun.

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Gyan: gyannen to sign or what?

Update: from the Sunderland Echo: photographs of Asamoah Gyan arriving at Newcastle Airport have been posted on Facebook.

For Salut! Sunderland’s Nice corner – our regular look at French football – I scoured today’s L’Equipe in vain hope of finding authoritative news that Asamoah Gyan is already booking his passage from Rennes to Roker.

One or two other French reports were still talking of our interest in bolstering an attack “trop dépendant de Darren Bent” as one put it. But the emphasis was more along the lines of “Sunderland not abandoning hope of signing…” than “Sunderland set to clinch deal ..”.

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