Salut! Sunderland’s end of season reviews: (3) the Voice of America

Jake and the final analysis
Jake and the final analysis

For the third of our end-of-season reports, we gazed across the Atlantic to find Robert Simmons, whose occasional offerings as a Stateside supporter of Sunderland bemuse some, who cannot understand how anyone would choose such an allegiance without family or geographical connections, but delight others. Robert presents conclusions on a disappointing season from his entertainingly different perspective …

While Arsenal was busy dispatching Wigan on Tuesday night and ensuring top flight safety for Sunderland, I was busy at a work retreat at a lake house in the mountains.

It was quite a nice location except for a few small details: no television, no internet, no phone service, so no update on the Arsenal/Wigan match.

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Voice of America: wise babies say ‘we support Sunderland’

The Mackem diaspora acquires a new member. He will live to see greater times for SAFC ...
The Mackem diaspora acquires a new member. He will live to see greater times for SAFC …

The poor mite
has no reason to know it but he’s been born a Mackem. An adopted one, by all means, but I bet the first Premier League game his dad takes him to involves Sunderland and that is a qualifying act in Monsieur Salut’s criteria for Proper SAFC Fandom.

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Voice of America: SAFC Thanksgiving to MON, Rose, Mignolet, Sess, Catts, Fletch and Johnson

Jake supports the stars in stripes

It is the fourth Thursday of November so maybe already too late for turkeys in the US to take cover. They tend not to approve of Thanksgiving. Robert Simmons, Salut! Sunderland’s US contributor, will presumably be tucking into the roast and also the pecan pie (sounds ike another bird but isn’t). First, he has some thanks of his own to direct towards the Stadium of Light …

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Voice of America: hardly on the Armstrong scale but now target football cheats

Jake longs for stars in stripes

The downfall of Lance Armstrong has set people thinking and talking about sporting cheats. Salut! Sunderland has banged on about it for years, earning the admiration of some readers but irritating others. Trying to con the referee is admittedly on a different scale to the systematic use of performance-enhancing drugs*, but it is a scourge of modern football all the same. For a partisan site to campaign on such issues and keep a straight face, it has to be willing to recognise the blatant Gyan (often), Bent (sometimes) or Larsson (at Wolves) dive just as clearly as it sees it in opponents, and we have tried to be consistent. Our friend out west, Robert Simmons, believes football could learn a useful lesson from his side of the pond …

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Voice of America: the club you support

Jake flies the flag for Robert Simmons

Monsieur Salut’s very lenient ground rules for deciding whether it is OK to support this or that club – see – have sparked lively debate. Robert Simmons, from the US of A, rose to the bait and responded in the form of a personal letter. This is all entirely light-hearted (Robbie is, in fact, mightily welcome here) and here he proposes some additional rules …

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