Steve Bruce gets major boost: absolutely no vote of confidence

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This is to do with the dishonesty, humbug and spin of everyday corporate life, whether the corporation makes biscuits, produces oil or runs a football club.

It has nothing specifically to do with Sunderland AFC, or whether we/they should stick with Steve Bruce in the belief that for all the unpromising signs, things are still more or less on the right course.

That is a related but different argument which is endlessly debated here and at many other places (I remain in the Bruce In camp, but only just and also because I have come to the conclusion, rightly or wrongly, that his hand has been forced in one or two key decisions that have adversely affected performance and prospects).

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Does Andy Gray’s downfall reveal Sky’s murky clouds?

Andy Gray may have shown weaknesses for arrogance and vulgarity. He may scarcely have deserved £1.7m a year however good he was considered to be as Sky’s principal football pundit and analyst. But, asks Birflatt Boy, could questionable motives be at play in the broadcaster’s haste to throw the book at him? …

Andy Gray has been sacked after countless years of acting as the linchpin of Sky’s football coverage. There are a lot of people who seem as if they couldn’t care less about his dismissal, or are very pleased to see the back of him.

Even the most unpopular presenters were probably popular at some time. Gray has become increasingly arrogant in the eyes of many viewers who have also reached a state of boredom akin to rigor mortis with his diagrams and tactics board.

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Soapbox: TV brings hard day’s nights for Gooners – and us


One great day out ruined, Arsenal at home turned into a logistical nightmare for away fans, another excuse for avoiding Chelsea – all, says a remarkably understanding Pete Sixsmith, in a day’s work for the TV folk whose job it is to undo the Premier League fixture list …

A colleague, who is also of the Red and White persuasion, performs the valuable task every year of making a copy of the fixtures, laminating them and passing them out to those who are Sunderland fans. Every year, I thank him and I see a pristine fixture list, with games every Saturday – as it used to be and as it should be.

Then along come the TV fixtures……………

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