Bolton Soapbox: how I missed the winner and rediscovered Stuart Hall

Pete Sixsmith has never seen the point in paying good money to watch football and going before the final whistle. He may not be the East Stand supporter who uttered the words “How can they? It’s like leaving a Shakespearian tragedy!” five minutes before the end of a nailbiting victory over Arsenal but, in his own, way, he shares the thought. M Salut can recall only two precedents (the Paul Danson game at Highbury and the relegation decider at Wimbledon, both 1996-97, and the first was at halftime, in sheer disgust, so hardly counts). But stand by for a third …

Those who know me are aware that I very rarely, if ever, leave before the end. I usually sit it out, grumbling and complaining. I was there at 4.50 a week last Saturday as Fulham ran rings round us and I sat through nearly every minute of the 15 point season.

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