Welcome Keiren Westwood and Seb Larsson. And that’s official

Salut! Sunderland is delighted to note the statement from Sunderland AFC tonight confirming 1) perhaps the worst-kept secret so far of the transfer market and 2) success in one of the most encouraging of our reported attempts to bring in fresh talent.

Terms have been agreed with Keiren Westwood, the Coventry City and Republic of Ireland goalkeeper, whose transfer has been reported as fact all or much of the day, everywhere from the Midlands press to Sky Sports, and with Birmingham City’s Swedish international midfielder Sebastian Larsson.

Larsson’s capture is especially welcome because there was last-minute nervousness, even in the normally restrained Sunderland Echo, about the risk of his old boss Alex McLeigh nicking him from under our noses for Aston Villa.

SAFC said: “The players will officially sign with the club on July 1st 2011.”

I suppose that leaves us wanting the days to pass quickly between now and the first of next month but the statement seems clear-cut enough a demonstration of decisions the players themselves have taken.

Salut! Sunderland extends a hearty welcome to both players. Having had our fun with a few of the dozens of names we have been linked with, we now look forward to further good news on the transfer front.

Monsieur Salut

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9 thoughts on “Welcome Keiren Westwood and Seb Larsson. And that’s official”

  1. Whats Steve Bruce got against left Backs?.Inuries are not a coincindence he has had them at every club he has managed not just injuries but serious ones, ones that last far longer than they should why?.
    Answer ——- Eric Black

  2. Enjoy your laverbread Martin. Was it my Gordon may go comment which tipped you over Offa’s Dyke?

    Quote from the Journal “One of the other priorities is the signing of long-standing Bruce target Charles N’Zogbia, although the manager knows he must reduce the wage bill by moving players out before that can happen.”

    One way of cutting the wage bill would be to offload CG who hasn’t played that much lately yet still commands a high salary.

    Strengthening the squad will involve compromises. That’s the reality and to suggest possible ways forward is not the gloom mongering you always assume it is!

    Yaki Da

  3. I should think we can say goodbye to Carson and I expect Gordon could be offloaded once fit enough to sell.

  4. So who goes to make way for Westwood? Will SB toss a coin? Or does a free transfer mean Westwood will never actually get a game with the first team?

  5. Seb must be crazy, he will end up playing left back hes done it before for Steve Bruce. Also Sunderland will end up in the same position as Birmingham, Bruce will not survive beyond Christmas

  6. Just hope he doesn’t end up getting sent off for taking his shirt off after an earlier yellow for kicking the ball away! Mind you it would be great if he got booked 20 times next season for taking his shirt off after scoring! 🙂

  7. I do think that this lad might turn out to be better than Elmo. That was a hell of a goal.

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