Enter now

….the competition, that is. See the posting entitled A competition to steady the nerves or click on the competition image down the right column.

Nerves are now steady, Sixer has delivered his verdict, we’ve all rejoiced rejoiced and Keano has reminded excitable reporters that we’ve won nothing yet – even if I simply cannot resist offering anyone who hasn’t yet seen them the chance to appreciate the quality of the goals by Carlos Edwards and Grant Leadbitter at Southampton.

But while you wait for the last four games, get yourselves entered into the competition. It’s not that hard and a bit of detective work on Google would get you there anyway.

I do have correct answers already. None comes from a Sunderland supporter. All will be decided fairly – pulling the winner out of a hat containing each name – but you have to enter to have a chance.

Incidentally, the number of visits to this site today is running neck and neck with the total of hits for my main blog, Salut!. Maybe that’s not surprising given the overnight sensation. But it’s a massive boost all the same.

Who knows, next time we may even be able to make the prizes more tempting still………….

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