Rejoice rejoice!


1 Sunderland 42 13 4 4 33 15 11 3 7 32 26 24 79
2 Derby 42 11 6 4 30 19 12 3 6 28 23 16 78


3 Birmingham 41 13 5 3 33 17 9 3 8 25 20 21 74
4 West Brom 42 13 4 4 44 23 7 6 8 27 28 20 70
5 Wolverhampton 42 11 5 5 29 25 9 4 8 20 25 -1 69
6 Preston 42 14 4 3 37 16 6 4 11 22 34 9 68

A great comeback at Southampton, plus bad results for Birmingham and Derby, and we are finally top of the league.

This is a scenario that seemed quite impossible months, even weeks ago. What more do we need to say?

For a few seconds, while I awaited his final text, Sixer’s Sevens simply read as an aggregate of his texts during the second half: 0-1/Edwards/Leadbitter/won..says it all

Savour the moment, keep the faith and let’s now steam on to win the title.

9 thoughts on “Rejoice rejoice!”

  1. I couldn’t resist it, just booked tickets for the Burnley game.Thought I would miss it due to Friday night kick off but I talked my unsuspecting brother in law and 2 nephews into going.Not only that he is driving and he owns a luxury BMW.MAGIC !!!!
    Just hope nothing goes wrong at Colchester which would mean a promotion/championship party at the SOL next Friday.

  2. The goals, as shown on Youtube, are superb. But to see the team playing with such confidence and mastery of the ball is even better. Nice, too, to see Keane not getting over-excited!

  3. I have not seen the cat since I exploded in front of the telly when Carlos thumped that one in !! She disappeared out the back door and may well be considering just where to live from now on.
    This just doesn’t happen to us !!

  4. Welcome Salut! Sunderland to the blogging world although you have only been going a few months I have only just discovered you.
    Now I am not alone in having a dedicated Sunderland AFC Blog, it`s been lonely on here for the past couple of years with the the exception of Curly up the road.
    I will throw you some link love on my supporters page in appreciation of your arrival, good luck with your future blogs and haway the lads……… were gonna win the league ….were gonna win the league

  5. We huffed and puffed for most of the first half and weren’t creating a great deal in the final third of the pitch but we still won.That just about sums up the character and determination of this team.
    I was just bemoaning that I couldn’t see where we were going to get a goal from as I had convinced myself that this was a ‘ first goal is the winner’ game and then we get 2 superb goals like that.That was hard going make no mistake about that as they are a solid team who are hard to beat at St Marys but we have come through it with 3 points.
    What was I saying about smashing glass in Birmingham and Derby……. yes I can distinctly hear the sounds of bottles going.
    Despite Sky’s absurd decision to move our last home game to a Friday night I am severely tempted to drive down for this now.It will mean getting home at about 2am and probably being wakened by my 2 year old daughter at 6am but who cares ….it’s beginning to look like a must.

  6. unbelievable. absolutely unbelievable. the next few weeks are going to be tense and nervous. but the team must be flooded with self belief at this stage. and pride. they deserve to be proud.

  7. Keane and Quinn must be either living really righteous lives or have sold their souls to the devil. But who cares?!

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