In praise of an unlikely star

The prize is on its way.<a href=”

Joe Simpson, the actor who won our little competition the other day after correctly identifying Gina McKee as the actress with Sunderland connections (thereby prompting an interfering Leeds Utd visitor to this site to cry “fix”), will soon receive his copy of Alice in Sunderland, posted at great expense in France yesterday.

For this he is grateful, having intended to buy the book in any case.

But there is pain as well as pleasure in scooping Salut! Sunderland prizes. The other part of winning was that he was asked to contribute a guest column to this site.

The piece is written – despite Joe having been laid low by a bout of tonsillitis – and represents his warm admiration for an improbable target for hero worship, rather in line with his long-standing preference for committed Joe Bolton-type players rather than finely skilled artists.

However, it is date sensitive and cannot appear before tomorrow. So if I have got the techie thing right – and it seemed simple enough, even for me – Joe’s debut as Salut! Sunderland star writer is scheduled for just after midnight.

1 thought on “In praise of an unlikely star”

  1. Please remember that this “interfering Leeds Utd visitor” is also a suffering Leeds Utd visitor.
    Three fixtures to go and will we stay up? I can’t sleep at nights……
    I know I was the first with the correct answer but, like a lot of things in life, it’s the luck of the draw.
    Well done, Joe!
    And well done Sunderland, I hope you finish the season as champs as you deserve to.
    I can’t believe a Leeds United fan said that!

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