Coca-Cola Football League Championship

Aug 28 2006
23 Sunderland 5 1 0 4 6 9 -3 3
24 Hull City (21) 5 0 1 4 3 8 -5 1


May 6 2007

1 Sunderland 46 15 4 4 38 18 12 3 8 38 29 29 88
2 Birmingham 46 15 5 3 37 18 11 3 9 30 24 25 86
3 Derby 46 13 6 4 33 19 12 3 8 29 27 16 84
4 West Brom 46 14 4 5 51 24 8 6 9 30 31 26 76
5 Wolverhampton 46 12 5 6 33 28 10 5 8 26 28 3 76
6 Southampton 46 13 6 4 36 20 8 6 9 41 33 24 75
7 Preston 46 15 4 4 38 17 7 4 12 26 36 11 74 *

Immediately preceded (August 27) by this thoughtful article about Roy Keane’s slim chances of success:

Let’s not be too hard on the writer, Paul Wilson. He was merely observing a time-honoured Fleet Street tradition of mocking the aspirations of Sunderland and its supporters.

It was either the Indie or the Indie on Sunday that confidently predicted relegation for us in the season 1999-2000, when we actually turned out to be safe by the turn of the year and finished seventh.

So Paul is hardly alone in deserving to have rotten eggs tossed his way. But he can hardly blame me for reminding him now of his less than perceptive analysis.

Brilliant achievement, Mr Keane. Drink as much green tea as you wish tonight, walk Triggs with pride tomorrow and not only make us safe by Christmas but have us pushing for Europe.

And congratulations to Niall Quinn, the SoL staff and the playing squad for a quite magnificent collective effort.

* Thanks Preston – our bogey team this season, beating us three times – for your contribution to our championship, and commiserations that it was one that didn’t even bring you any reward.

5 thoughts on “CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Of course they could,ve given us the Trophy on Sunda. There was a gadgee in the crowd who’d made a one out of cardboard and shiny paper. I bet he would’ve let them lend it as long as they give him it back like. Keano wouldn’t have known the difference ‘cos he’s nivver had owt to do with the Championship and ah reckon Whitehead and Collins and Connolly would have been ower frightened to tell him. Bye bye Coca Cola hello Barclaycard. Maybe I could ask these Drummerfill lads if they’ll pay mine off.

  2. Pete Sixsmith was saying the obvious answer would have been to have a replica at one or both grounds, to be replaced by the real thing after the event.
    That seems – with hindsight – a solution of sorts. I agree with Ian on Luton’s fans having a right to receive the thanks, and presumably apologies, of their players, but wouldn’t it have been possible to accommodate both?

  3. Sorry but Keane’s blast at the Football League about us not being presented with the trophy at Luton is his own, and first, PR gaffe not the League’s. Until 5 minutes before the end of this game it was uncertain whether the trophy was destined for Birmingham (at Preston) or us (at Luton). Not exactly a quick motor-cycle courier or even helicopter journey apart! And why should Luton players be denied (as they still were by the media) the opportunity to say “Thanks” to their fans for their support throughout the season?

  4. I’m just back from Luton. What a day! This squad has won the league in less than a season, since most weren’t here at the start – a brilliant achievement. I’d single out Dean Whitehead for coming through last season and leading the team by example. He deserved to lift the trophy in front of the supporters. A lot of Luton fans stayed till the end and applauded. Given their own relegation and dire performance, they could have been less gracious, so credit to them. Anyway, trophy or no trophy – they did it. WELL DONE LADS!!!!!

  5. I’m just home from L.A. What a welcome! What a team, manager and owner. I can’t think of any club in the Premiership that has the sheer strength of character and determination that these guys have shown. It has to augur well for next season.
    But what a shabby, small-minded display, not to present them with the trophy because it was an away ground. Apart from anything else, it showed an appalling lack of faith in the Luton fans. What were they going to do, riot? I’m inclined to doubt it.

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