Where the stars are

Observant regulars will see that I have created a separate column linking directly to each of the Celebrity Supporter interviews. It’s down the left-hand column.

These are being updated as I go along – or at least as fast as I can approach the subjects for fresh information and thoughts, and as fast as they get back to me – so are becoming slightly different creatures to the articles that originally appeared in the London supporters’ club branch newsletter.

Mme Salut! Sunderland, who famously has no interest in football, has performed sterling work typing up the remaining interviews.

These include Lord Puttnam, the folk singer Bob Fox, a young actor named Sean Landless and one Notoriety Supporter (you’ll have to guess who that is for now).

And there is also a wrap-up piece explaining how others eluded me – Peter O’Toole was one – or turned out never to have supported Sunderland after all.

Watch these spaces……..

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  1. Ah think it’s a shame that Alan Balls deed cos youse could have interviewed him on account of how he’s Bally’s dad – at least ah think he is cos ah read it somewhere. Ah went to watch the under 18’s on Sunday with our lass and they was really unlucky but we had to gang before the penalties cos she was starvin and wanted her Sunda dinna. Why divvent youse interview Gordon Brown cos if Blairs a mag, he’s bound to be a Mackem.

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