Moving mountains

My big move, or at least the first of two (south of France back to the UK, to be followed by London-Abu Dhabi), has limited my opportunities to post to Salut! Sunderland. Reminds me a bit of how Peter Reid’s team selections in the relegation season – with just Paul Stewart up front – limited our likelihood of ever scoring.

But a cracking debate on the pros and cons of what my critic Tommy Coates calls SAFC’s “Paddification” has emigrated from here to the Irish football site eleven-a-side.

In case anyone has not seen it, it is well worth a look. Use the link in the previous paragraph, and get involved in the discussion there, or say here where you stand on the issue.

I hope to resume normal service here as soon as possible, but have only intermittent internet access and mountains of stuff to sort out, quite apart from the need to be at Blackburn (h) and Arsenal (a).

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