Carlos comebacks, Chelsea-baiting and Bushwhacking

Carlos Edwards is back. He played for the reserves last night and was on the field for about an hour of a 1-0 home win against Man Utd. Even a fit Carlos has much to prove in the Premiership but could, provided he avoids yet more injuries, turn out to be like a new signing.

Messages I saw at Ready to Go’s SMB forum were divided on how he’d performed. The goal, from an Ian Harte penalty (their defender was sent off for handball, too….not the way these things go for the first team), came after his substitution. But the official club site – see the Salut! Talking Point at the top right of this page – seems confident that he could be in contention for a squad place on Saturday, when we have the simplest of run-outs against Chelsea.

Speaking of Chelsea, after Salut! Sunderland‘s ill-tempered rant about that club, I should be fair-minded enough to point readers in the direction of another view, which is to be found at the Chelsea Football Club Blog.

And while that does not logically lead into a discussion of President George W Bush, Sunderland fans who missed the most recent edition of A Love Supreme may be interested to see a slightly modified and updated version of my complaint about the day he blocked my view of the Lads.

See Bush whacked at my overspill site, Salut! Sunderland 2.

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