Still no disgrace as Under 18s narrowly miss final


Kevin Ball’s valiant Under 18s went extremely close to staging a a marvellous comeback last night, beating Man City 1-0 in the second leg of the FA Youth Cup semi-finals but losing 2-1 on aggregate.

If one of the stories of senior squad’s season has been the awful, points-costing decisions by match officials at crucial moments of games we have lost or drawn – without trace of the supposed rule that these things each other out – it is perhaps fitting that Ball was dismayed by a disallowed second goal.

At a distance approaching 4,000 miles, and deprived the live coverage of all Premiership games, Salut! Sunderland reports that controversy but can offer no opinion.

Suffice it to say from here that from the goalscorer Jordan Henderson – a superb 20-yard shot in the 16th minute, according to the official club site – to all of his teammates, the entire squad deserves our thanks and admiration for a stirring run. Bravo, Lads.

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