Fixtures and fears

Liverpool at home to start with (Aug 16). Then Spurs away and, before the year ends, trips to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge.

Sounds as if we’ll be safe by Christmas again, setting us up nicely for Everton away on Dec 28. With another home banker (Chelsea) to end the season, a top six finish looms.

Or is Salut! Sunderland dreaming? Should we be confident, or fearful? Determined to get a point or more from the opening game (Fernando Torres is apparently quaking in his boots already) or relieved that at least West Brom are away to Arsenal, the Mags at Man Utd?

For the full list – draconian, not to say criminal, copyright rules prevent us from giving it – go to the BBC site. The pre-season friendlies are listed too.

3 thoughts on “Fixtures and fears”

  1. I can still remember dancing and singing down a street in Glasgow in May 1981 after beating FC History to stave off relegation.The chorus of ‘Stanley, Stanley’ echoed around Kelvingrove and the 3 mates I had with me, who were also singing, had probably never even heard of the legendary Stan Cummins.They probably still haven’t.
    Suffice to say that a fair amount of foaming ale had passed our lips that afternoon.I got even stranger looks from many of the partygoers, who had the mispleasure of my company at a later function, when I continually gloated about this outstanding result and generall droned on a lot of claptrap.Nothing new there then I hear a few voices say. (All alleged as I was to pi**ed to remember what I said the next morning).
    I think we do owe them one since we have only won twice since then I believe.

  2. You owe quite a lot of teams a hammering, don’t you 😉
    Even though Sunderland are my second team (honest) I have to say as a Liverpool fan I’m quite happy with the draw! I do want us to take 6 points off you next season but I want Sunderland to stay up and maybe even reach the dizzy heights of mid-table!!
    In all seriousness, all the best for the coming season 🙂

  3. Bring ’em on. We owe Liverpool a hammering so let’s get off to the best possible start. Fat chance of it kicking off at 3.00 on Saturday though!

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