Younes Kaboul: earthquakes and insults

For a man who has played in the nondescript backwater of Auxerre, the French midfielder Younes Kaboul* must have had trouble keeping a straight face when he authorised his agent, one Rudy Raba, to say he “wouldn’t join Sunderland in an earthquake“…….Salut! Sunderland is inspired by its French connection to offer this conciliatory response ……

Putain de merde, Monsieur Kaboul.

Alors, pour vous, Sunderland est nul. Mecirc;me si le reste du monde est touché par un tremblement de terre, vous ne viendriez pas. Vous avez, bien s

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  1. (From a Spurs fan) While I completely agree with you on Chimbonda Jim, I must ask for specific examples of times Tainio displayed anything approaching class.
    The man plays in three dimensions; forward backward and as high in the air as possible. I don’t even know what it is he does exactly. You know how you can define midfielders by tackles, passers, creative, solid – Tainio is in danger of carving out his very own category of useless.
    Malbranque is hot air. All the man does is run forward – all with absolutely no devastating effect.
    Kaboul I get the impression, although certainly not by looking at the photograph up top, could develop into a decent player, although not as a centre back. Anyone can be taught the art of defending your lines first and crack out the fancy stuff when the job is done. He just needs time.
    Up the Spurs!

  2. (from a Spurs fan)…..he is an £8m defender who does not know how to defend!
    BTW, I see that Chimbo, Tainio, Malbranque are linked along with Youseless Kaboul.
    Chimbo is great, a centre forward trapped in a full back’s body and will quickly become a legend up your way. Tainio is class and never really got a chance at Spurs but silly injuries and a lack of signing on fee always held him back at Spurs (Spurs fans will give most players who signed for big fees forever to justify them while ignoring much better cheaper players) and Malbranque is a crazy sale by Spurs and again if Keane believes in him and gives him a freeish role, you should do very well. Great player. Kaboul would be a bad signing at this stage for you lot but Bent may be perfect if he is still on the menu as he is a decent player who made the wrong move to Spurs and as far as I could make out last year it was up front more than anything which held Sunderland back.
    Good luck, hope it goes well this season

  3. M. Kabouli – il ne veux pas renoncer aux distractions dans le nord de Londres. Qui ne peut pas survivre sans la circulation,le brouhaha et les Cockneys de bonne humeur qui vendant les fruit a “50p le livre”. Il va profiter de la vie dans le Football Combination et dans le stade de White Hart Lane. Meuiller avoit du beau jeu devant 40,000. Il pourrait aussi appendre d’un directeur qui a beacoup de potential. Quel connard.

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