Revealed: Newcastle’s wannabe new owners

Just realised. They’d already tried to do business with us. With thanks to Andy Nichol at the Blackcats forum, who recently looked in his junk e-mails and found these details of the renewed attempt to buy into North-eastern football….

From: Prince Ngaeke Nkwera


Dear Sir

May you be very blessed and I am writing to you with a heart full of hope that you can be interested in a business venture with me. My name is Prince Ngaeke Nkwera and I am King of Messiah Province in Nigeria. I am also a business entreprenure of Mary Onto Industries a company with many international interests, in particliar a soccer circus in Scotland and also the biggest circus in the world located in North East of England where I worked with international business associates Yemi K Shela and Pygmy Ndisi Senwe.

Now you wish to know what my proposal is to you. Let me tell you but also soliciting your strict confidence in the transaction I am proposing. This is by virtue of it’s nature as being very confidencial and top secret. I have been introduced to you by a member of Nigerian Chamber of commerce and industries who assured me of your ability and reliability to execute a transaction of such magnitude.

AS stated previously I recently worked for a big circus in north east of England and now this circus is for sale because it’s President Yemi K Shela is been threatened by a local lynch mob of retarded, pot-bellied savages and telephone box vandals. I and my Nigerian business associates have now raised the necessary capital required to purchase the circus of £400 million pounds sterling (600 MILLION US DOLLARS, 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 NAIRA) and the money must be deposited in a UK bank account by September 29th. But as a foreign national I may not open an account in the UK so what I need is a honest and reliable person (you) to help me pay the money into your account so that I can affect the purchase of the afourmentioned circus.

My plan is to travel to the UK when the transfer is been made and meet with you and your representatives so that I can transfer the fund’s into Mr Yemi’s account so I will then own the circus. I know that you will be asking what is your reward for helping me with this venture so I can assure you that I will be give to you 25% of the shares in the circus, of this you have my word is my bond.

By special grace of God, I know that you will now send me details of your bank name, account name and number so I can transfer the funds to you. I also need you to send me your address, telephone number, mother’s maiden name and the name of your pet because this information is required for my visa application at the UK High commission. I would be greatful if you can send all these details to my private e-mail inbox This transaction must be concluded by September 29th so if for any reason you not interested kindly inform me so that I can look for another contact to benefit from my generous proposal.

Best regard,

Prince Ngaeke Nkwera

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