Sixer’s Sevens strike threat

The National Union of Salut! Sunderland Scribes (NUSSS) says Sixer’s Sevens will be hit by a 12-hour strike from the start of the Chelsea game.

This is in protest at the lamentable performance at Stoke, and also the obscene ticket prices charges by Brand Chelsea, formerly Chelsea FC.

Pete Sixsmith is off to Whitehaven for a spot of non-league football. I am on domestic duties, Joan Dawson may get round to posting Sevens, if she feels like crossing the picket lines.

Normal service resumes on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens strike threat”

  1. If you’ll forgive a moment of lunatic prescience:
    Surprise! Sunderland pulls off odd-goal upset.
    Of course, my gut feeling could just be heartburn…..

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