Soapbox: the bad old days

Soapbox A trip to Fulham brings back some bad memories for Pete Sixsmith but he sees much to be positive about in Sunderland’s performance

On the long and slightly disappointing journey back from Fulham, we were treated to a DVD of how football was in the 90s.

It was a recording of the highlights of the FA Cup tie at Chelsea in 1992, played in a decrepit stadium with an atmosphere which was almost as poisonous as that of 1985.

The football was dire and seemed to consist mostly of players kicking the ball up in the air and chasing after it. With the exception of John Byrne, Peter Davenport and a cameo from Kieran Brady, our players seemed to find basics like controlling the ball and passing it to a red and white shirt about as difficult as explaining the meaning of Schr

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