Did Mike Dean hand it to Villa?

It is to be hoped that Mike Dean enjoyed a safe and comfortable drive back to Merseyside yesterday evening after refereeing Sunderland v Aston Villa (though if, like Mike, we were betting men, we would wager that his impaired vision may make make driving a hazardous, stressful activity).

It is further to be hoped that is a long time before we see him in charge of a Sunderland game again.

Let us be fair. The following entry in Wikipedia, which does not appear to have neutral origins and will presumably not last very long, is perhaps overstating the case:

Dean courted controversy in the game between Sunderland and Aston Villa(17/01/09) when he failed to see several handballs including the one that led to the Aston Villa equaliser, he then went to make an a terrible decision to award a penalty for a foul that was just outside the box. He put in a shameful performance.

Sunderland did not lose solely because Dean missed two blatant handballs by Villa in their own penalty area and another for the Villa equaliser, or because he awarded Villa a penalty when the foul occurred just outside our box.

We lost mainly because having given ourselves an excellent start, and been easily the better side – against a top four team – in the first half, we then defended like carthorses at crucial moments of the second half. And missed two or three good opportunities to build on our lead or, after the equaliser, regain it.

But why is it that almost every time we play Villa, they are allowed to bring their own referee?

Answers on a postcard to any of the following: Steve Bennett, Howard Webb (whose lamentable failure to spot the Villa keeper’s theatrically performed handball, miles outside his area, at least failed to stop us winning) or Mike Dean.

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  1. Just to add further fuel to the fire please read this article regarding Mike Dean and make your own mind up about this character!
    Last Updated: Saturday, 26 February, 2005, 23:27 GMT
    Premier League referee suspended
    Referee file: Mike Dean
    Premier League referee Mike Dean has been suspended indefinitely over his involvement in a betting website.
    Professional Game Match Officials Ltd, which supplies Premiership referees, is investigating whether Dean’s links with Arbitros Racing violate his contract.
    The website offers shares in a racehorse syndicate as well as advice on how to bet on horses to win or lose.
    Dean had been due to referee Sunday’s game between Newcastle and Bolton at St James’ Park.
    The crux of the investigation appears to centre on whether the 36-year-old has played on his status as a well-known figure in football to gain a financial advantage in racing.
    He advertised the partnership business in a recent edition of the Racing Post, in which it was stated: “Join Premiership referee, Mike Dean, in this great, new, exciting venture.”
    Such wording might work against Dean, described as the partnership manager, while the PGMO could also seek comment from Dean as to why he had not informed them of his new venture.
    As a business, Arbitros Racing venture would not appear to impact on Dean’s footballing duties.
    A statement from PGMO said referees must seek approval before they take on additional employment or use their status “for commercial purposes”.
    The statement read: “The board will investigate whether Mike Dean has breached his employment contract with PGMO.
    “The contract requires officials to notify and seek approval of various other activities – including additional employment or the use of their status as a PGMO official for promotional purposes.

  2. As the standard of football in the Premiership has improved, unfortunately, the overall performances of officialdism remains poor. Dean’s performance was a disgrace, on both Villa goals he did not hesitate to award the first one and the penalty decision. He did not consult his other officials until after he had awarded both shocking decisions to Villa! How much more do honest hardworking supporters have to endure before the FA adopt the technology to erradicate this situation? Remember referees you have to EARN respect before you GET it!

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