Kenwyne: don’t even tell Martin O’Neill where to go, Niall


UPDATE: Jan 12…if 1) there is the slightest truth in speculation that we are about to sell Kenwyne to Villa and 2) no replacement is lined up and 3) we go down for lack of firepower, someone needs to be handed a revolver and bottle of whisky and led to the solitude of a darkened room

When, on behalf of 5573, the magazine of the London branch of the SAFC Supporters’ Association, I wrote to Martin O’Neill to request an interview, the silence was deafening.

He was then manager of Celtic. Our interest naturally arose from his oft-stated boyhood support of Sunderland. Our letters, addressed to him and to the press officer of the club by name, were polite and respectful. They couldn’t be bothered to reply (and cannot even claim non-arrival, since at least one reminder was sent).

Let SAFC’s response to O’Neill be similar if the tabloids are correct in saying he’s planning a bid for Kenwyne Jones. Not just any bid, but one for £5m – isn’t that £1m less than we paid for him?

Niall. If you are listening, do not send a firm No to Villa Park. Do not engage O’Neill in conversation. Just ignore him and, like 5573, he’ll eventually go away.

Oh, and let it be Blyth in the next round. That would be fun, and there are surely just so many times you want to play Blackburn in a season.

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  1. Hi Pete
    None other mate! How’s it all going. That was a very long time ago.
    Great to see this site btw! Have you got my email address?

  2. Is this the Jeremy Robson who used to stand with us in the Clock Stand Paddock and who once upset Tony Morley so much that he went off crying? I think we should be told!

  3. Selling Jones would be the equivalent of selling our liver. It would lead us straight down at the end of the season.

  4. I will be not inconsiderably displeased if Mr Jones is sold to those midlands types at Villa Park. Can’t we palm Rada Prica off onto them instead?

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