Toon doon?


Yes, I know it’s tempting fate.


But we need cheering up after the grotesque performances of late – yep, Hull at home too, despite the gratifying result – and since Andy Reid has yet to write a song about it, this will have to do.

With thanks to Clare T-B – or, rather, Greg, using Clare’s e-mail address – for thinking of Salut! Sunderland when he came up with it. Greg is promising more goodies from his inventive ways with Photoshop.

Let it come true.

3 thoughts on “Toon doon?”

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  2. Dead right John. After the way we have played these past few weeks can’t see us getting another point. (Hope I’m wrong this afternoon but we’ll see!)
    As for the Mags and the Smogs – I can only see them getting a point when they play each other. A zero zero would be my prediction.
    But things are bad when you see your own club’s safety resting on the inadequacies of other teams.

  3. Firstly I would have to say that my predictions are more often than not completely wrong.Hence the fact that gambling is one of my lifes abject failures but after witnessing the ‘biggest game of the season’ at Sid James on Monday night I have come to the conclusion that they are more than likely to go down.If you are a Mag reading this fear not as I predicted the same fate for Fulham and Bolton about the same stage last season and well you know what happened there.
    I’m afraid the Mags look like a relegated team though.A team of passionless,clueless and spineless individuals trying desperately to look like they care but all the time the back of their minds remembering to call their agents in the morning to see if anything better is on the table for next season.I suppose there are similarities 15 miles down the road from Sid James as well.
    I questioned after our performance on Saturday whether any people out there earned more than our front 2 for doing less work.Well low and behold my question was answered…step forward Michael Owen.Allegedly on 120K per week and so poor that Jones and Cisse would have looked like Lionel Messi compared with him.
    They have to win 3 of their last 4 games to realistically stay up and they are not good enough to do that. They have also been badly let down by players that were supposed to be top dollar but have turned out to be huge failures.
    We cannot afford to be smug over this one.The similarities between the plights of both clubs should give NE fooball a real wake up call.The only reason I thing we may survive is that we currently have 4 points more than the Mags and I will be very surprised to see the Mags get 4 more points this season.On current form we are no better.

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