Ashley’s master plan: a Scottish & Newcastle brew


This is how it was for us – Salut! Sunderland – after an explosion of hits all day long, driven first by fast-spreading news of the Who Are They? awards shortlist and then by the red-hot nature of events.

But this morning we are indebted to the Villa Talk fans’ website for dramatic news that Mike Ashley, convinced that the world of English football reneged on guarantees to ensure Newcastle United Premier League status for ever, is prepared to lead the Toon north and into the Scottish Premier League.

Here is an extract from Villa Talk’s exclusive report – which has yet to be denied by anyone connected with NUFC:

… With Europe an increasing obsession, clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool desire a reduction in the size of the Premiership. But in Scotland’s case an INCREASE in the size of the league by adding northern giants such as Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Blackpool would give the league added appeal.
Mike Ashley, Newcastle’s majority share-holder, said on Sunday that a move was “inevitable”, adding that he felt “let down” by both Sky Sports and the Football Association whom he claimed had given him “assurances” that Newcastle would avoid the drop…. The Premier League insist there are “no plans” to change the structure of the 20-strong division. But with Newcastle no longer under their jurisdiction the Toon Army would be free to move to the Scottish league where Ashley claims they would “get the love and respect” they “deserve”.

See the full story at Villa Talk

3 thoughts on “Ashley’s master plan: a Scottish & Newcastle brew”

  1. The one time media darlings, and the ‘reputation’ that they were “everyone else’s second favourite team,” has once and truly been put to bed as the hogwash that it always was.

  2. Totally believable until I read that Blackpool would be involved. Can’t imagine why a fine old club like them would want to be involved with a load of dossers like the Mags – oops,sorry, I forgot they were in the Championship

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