Ricky Sbragia talks up team spirit


as well he might after last week’s insulting display at the Hawthorns.

On the official SAFC club site, Ricky says the players have reacted “vigorously” to the difficult few days that have followed their collective absence from a game none of them should have needed the least encouragement to treat as utterly vital. He has been “encouraged” by their response.

The huddle picture, combining the creative efforts of Salut! Sunderland and Greg at the globalnewsterrorists site (follow this link if you haven’t already seen the Mag/zebra gag), is not meant to be taken seriously. But if it is seen by any of the Lads and galvanises them for Sunday, it will have served its purpose.

And let us hope that when the time comes for Pete Sixsmith to dicuss SAFC v Everton, he can do so with optimism and praise, with every reason to salute a match-winning performance.

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