Soapbox: lost for words


Part two of the inquest. For Pete Sixsmith, it has been a depressing May Day holiday. “It’s cold and overcast,” he reports. “The women’s team have lost 2-1 to Arsenal and I’m still in acute depression after Sunday.” Well, bravo from Salut! Sunderland to the lasses on their superb achievement in reaching the final. Those with strong stomachs may read on …

It’s not very often that I am lost for words, but this latest abject performance brought me very close to it.

Conversations after the game and today leave me of the same opinion as the vast majority of Sunderland fans

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  1. If I may be forgiven a touch of schadenfreude, it’s nice to see that other people have troubles worse than our own.
    Word is that Shearer and Barton almost came to blows in the Maggotpies’ dressing room after young Joey’s foul (in every sense of the word) performance on Saturday. He’s been suspended indefinitely without pay — a cool 65 grand a week.
    Not only that but Supermac Macdonald has surfaced, calling for Barton’s immediate ouster and expressing pity for whatever team might next sign him.
    Don’t do it, Niall!!

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