Soapbox: one point gained, two more squandered


Pete Sixsmith is clearly dreaming already of the handy cheque he gets each summer for marking a mountain of exam papers; it helps feed his Sunderland and Durham County Cricket Club habits. No problems at the Riverside – our Riverside, not the home of Boro – but he still cannot say in which division will he be getting his SAFC fix next season …

At this time of year, secondary schools are full of 16-year-olds realising that they had better get some work done as their final exams loom.

Most of them have good intentions and want to succeed and at the end of the day they will get the passes they need to embark on that sticky and uncomfortable period that we call adult life. Some will not, and will have to start all over again

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  1. I guess I over reacted then! Well, thats club passion for ya… Anyway, my point is, Bolton do play some decent football at times (just not as much as some teams)! The problem is Sky and BBC (more so) tend to overlook this ans just show the long balls and set plays when showing our highlights. Now dont get me wrong, i’m not saying they’re not our strong point, because they are! I’m just saying we can pass a ball as well! We just had a serious off day against you lot :p

  2. Craig: if that was the worst Pete had said all season about Sunderland, we’d be top of Ricky Sbragia’s Xmas card list. I’d settle for lumpen, leadfooted midtable safety.

  3. Football is a matter of opinion Craig. The words lumpen and leadfooted applied to your first half performance and surely you accept that any team which can pass the ball about will always have an advantage over the muscular, pedestrian style that Bolton affect. Good teams like Arsenal and Manchester United can do it for 90 minutes. Teams like Sunderland can do it for 45 minutes until Bolton can take a breather and work out what to do to combat it. Megson called the shots correctly at half time and Bolton probably had the best of the second half. But don’t try to convince me that Bolton play a lot of football – they don’t. Get it up to Davies and see what he can do is their way of playing. Look how poor a player Nolan and Diouf are away from the Bolton style.
    I have no real problem with Bolton and. unlike many of your fans, have a regard for Megson.
    Enjoy your summer Craig.

  4. “We tore into Bolton from the kick off, passed the ball accurately, moved around as if we were interested and made the Trotters look what they are: a lumpen, leadfooted team who can be outpassed but not outmuscled.”
    No, you had the best of the first half and we had the best of the second half… As for that crap about us being leadfooted, that’s the biggest load of nonsense i’ve ever read! Go do some research, maybe watch a few more Bolton games before making ridiculous, stereotyped comments about my team!

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