Sunderland’s dodgy term: now for the report card


Some of us
remember only too well the feeling at the end of another wasted school term/year. It was time for the report.

Well, it’s certainly time for Sunderland’s.

The course work was poor, concentration all term was lamentable and exams were barely scraped through. Our narrow survival from the drop cannot obscure that, however warm a glow we felt on Sunday.

The fact is that despite our massive relief at staying up, and the odd chuckle at the fate of certain others, we cannot look back on the season except with great disappointment.

Let us hope the Ellis Short takeover – confirmed today (see Salut! Sunderland Talking Points), and we join Niall Quinn’s in thanking Drumaville for its role in rebuilding our club – leads to a rosier future where each season doesn’t end with a frenzied bid for promotion or the threat of relegation.

Sigmund Freud might have approved of the thought process that led Ellis Short to appear as Ellis Hope when this item was first posted.

In the first of a series of appraisals of the 2008-2009 season, Jeremy Robson, offers the trenchant thoughts of a former Clock Stand Paddock stalwart now exiled in Canada.

Jeremy’s hard-hitting, superbly written piece will be live at Salut! Sunderland by 6pm. At least two and possibly three other end-of-season round-ups will follow over the nex week or so.

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