Mr Shearer’s Toytoon money


From Steven Reeves comes news of an unexpected issue of banknotes to
commemorate the momentous events of May 24 2009.


Rejoice Rejoice, or words to that effect, was the refrain heard over much of the North East on that day, around 6pm, and it spread to unthought of corners of the world.

People who had believed themselves universally loved were suddenly shocked by the mirth their wretched fate had caused. A Barcode fan in Abu Dhabi reported: “I am staggered by the amount of hatred being shown towards Newcastle United.”

He was wrong. It wasn’t hatred, or not for everyone. It was simple pleasure, a pleasure to be shared. And throughout the land, and beyond, it was indeed shared. A truly arrogant football club had been brought down to earth. We were laughing at them just as they would have – indeed have – laughed at us.

That’s where Steven comes in. He designed these little numbers and is selling them on ebay at £1.99 a time.

Niall Quinn wouldn’t dream of rubbing it in, of course, but Steve sees him as a governor of the Toytoon Central Bank for the purposes of this special issue of currency.


Steven’s advice: try handing out these “little novelty notes” next time you’re in Newcastle, perhaps taking care with the size and likely disposition of the recipient.

“So if you want to take the mickey or just want to have some fun these novelty notes are hilarious – well for us Sunderland fans anyhow. Leave them lying on the ground in Newcastle, watch as they believe its not all bad as the see a £10 note on the floor, and then the look when they realise its just another reminder.”


3 thoughts on “Mr Shearer’s Toytoon money”

  1. Of course you will Malcolm. Now, go and have a lie down before you get too excited about playing Doncaster Rovers. And keep taking the Messiahs.

  2. from a geordie to a mackem – we’ll be back
    and when we are you’ll hear the roar from Trebes. sorry we won’tbe in contact until September as we’re off to the Aude for a few months.

  3. I can’t really condone this petty sniping at Newcastle. It really has gone far enough and should stop now. Or maybe we could keep it going for a few days more. Heeheeheeheehee.

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