When Saturday Comes – we’ll still be in the Premier


The front cover, very amusing, is as good a reason as you need to buy the latest issue of When Saturday Comes.

Better still, buy two and send one copy to me.

And then get hold of the new A Love Supreme


And see what the lads there made of Salut! Sunderland‘s cracking piece by Stephen Worthy about following the events of Sunday May 24 in the studios of Setanta and in the company of fans from each of the other relegation-haunted clubs.

You shouldn’t need to buy me a copy of ALS as I get it on subscription. But come on Martyn, haven’t I earned comps?

Colin Randall

1 thought on “When Saturday Comes – we’ll still be in the Premier”

  1. Finally… The Big Time!! I avidly read WSC from cover to cover, purely in the hope of seeing a rare mention of the lads, be it a league table or side swipe. Now, thanks to the Scum/Smog relegation goodness, we grace the all important front cover. Everyone who enters ‘all good local news-agents’, or WH Smiths, will be fully aware of our Premiership status. I can’t wait to read my Dad’s old copy next month, when he remembers to give it to me, all dog eared and tea stained (WSC I mean, not him…).

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